Charleston County Detention Center Expansion

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Charleston County Detention Center Expansion

This expansion of the Charleston County Detention Center included a 334,000 square-foot, four-story facility providing additional housing for 1,344 inmates. The building also included a kitchen, laundry facilities, a medical clinic, an infirmary, and administrative areas sized for a future population of 3000.

Electrical systems and lighting were linked through a communications network that permitted individual control of 21 housing units by officers in charge in each unit.

Existing buildings were renovated, including updated electrical and control systems.

The central energy plant was replaced with modern, computer-controlled switchgear and multiple emergency generator sets paralleled with two utility services.

A new underground duct system carrying control, fire alarm, data, telephone, security, normal power and emergency power systems was designed to link new buildings with existing buildings and the energy facility.

Since the existing facility could not be shut down, the engineering design included phasing of new work to prevent interruption of systems during construction.

The project was completed on time, within budget and with no change orders.