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Streetscaping includes design, coordination, and information services related to undergrounding of building electrical and telephone services, ductbanks communications raceways, street lighting design and equipment selection, power for landscape irrigation, traffic signals, tree lighting and event power; planning, design, coordination and construction progress meetings with utilities (including power, telephone, cable tv), municipal staff, other design team members, property Owners, numerous product sales representatives, and contractors building the projects.

Gervais Street Improvements (Streetscaping), Columbia, SC: Electrical Engineering included coordination with electric, telephone and cable television utility companies as well as State of South Carolina.

Also included were new street lighting, conversion of building service entrances from aerial to underground and power supply facilities for irrigation systems, traffic signals and metering of loads. The project also included designs for miscellaneous and future communications services and power supplies for street festivals and special events. All electrical design was carried out in coordination with civil engineering designs for grading, paving, water systems, sanitary sewer systems and storm drainage.