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This project was a renovation of a 17,600 square foot building previously housing the county health department into a state-of-the art data center and IT facility.  The building was chosen for a new hospital data center because of its location contiguous to the hospital campus and because the freestanding structure allows flexibility for future expansion.

The computer room is approximately 2,300 square feet and is  located in the center of the building on the first floor to maximize physical protection.

The electrical systems were designed for maximum reliability and include duplicate utility services, emergency generators and UPS systems.

The fire detection system utilizes ultra sensitive laser technology (VESDA) and FM-200 fire suppression was provided for the computer room.

Other electrical systems provided included lightning protection, an extensive grounding system with a signal reference grid for the computer center, energy efficient lighting and controls, cable tray and IT infrastructure. An underground duct bank was provided for power and communications connections to the hospital campus. Electrical systems are scalable to allow for  generators and UPS systems to be added as load grows.

GWA was the prime design professional for this project, with architectural  and other engineering consultants working  under our lead.  The project was created to support the Hospital’s $30M investment in the Epic integrated hospital software package.