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Marian Wright Edelman Library, Bennettsville, SC


HVAC, Plumbing, and Fire Protection: The new library is an approximately 20,000 square feet single-story facility located in Bennettsville, South Carolina. The HVAC system is a variable air volume system with electric heat using chilled water for cooling. Close attention was given to being able to closely control the temperature and humidity within the space to provide a desirable environment for the occupants as well as preserving the condition of the books. A direct digital control system (DDC) is used to monitor and control the HVAC system and notifies the maintenance staff when space conditions fall out of predetermined ranges or problems to arise with the HVAC equipment. The project initially sought a LEED rating but was but this initiative was stop during the design phase. However, many of the strategies promoted by LEED were incorporated into the project making the facility energy-efficient and environmentally responsible.

Electrical: The new 20,000 square-foot library and technical college building was built on the same site as the historic Murchison Building (ca 1902) and was designed to blend with the architectural heritage and history of the site and Town. As such, the exterior lighting was designed to provide appropriate illumination while retaining the historic feel of the site. On the interior, the lighting system was designed with the latest technology including lighting producing high vertical footcandle levels to increase the legibility of books in the stacks and automatic lighting controls allowing different schedules for the library and technical college. The new facility was linked to the technical college with an underground duct system to allow seamless data and telephone communications between the various facilities. The power distribution system was designed with a multi-tiered transient voltage surge suppression system to help protect the electronic equipment used in the building, and a fire alarm system was included for the protection of people and property.

  • Construction Cost: $3,427,000