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MUSC TeleHealth

Location: Charleston, SC
Completion Date: 2016
Total Construction Cost: $3,646,544
Electrical Construction Cost: $750,000

New MUSC Health Center for Telehealth occupies 9,500 square feet on the second floor of University Hospital. The proposed site housed over 100 occupants serving the Health Information Services and three other departments which required the architect to begin the project by programming the reorganization of those departments and ultimately developing a phased strategy for relocating 130 staff both on and off campus. Enabling projects included an additional 12,400 square feet of renovated spaces in six different locations.

The electrical work on this project started with a complete demolition of the electrical, lighting, data, and fire alarm systems. The new work consisted of new receptacles, data, and power connections to new mechanical equipment. A new lighting system was installed and is controlled by a programmable lighting control system. New fire alarm devices were installed and connected to the existing hospital fire alarm system.

The Telehealth project included two conference rooms that include programmable scene lighting and power connections to conference room AV equipment. The entire Telehealth area is connected to the hospital emergency power system and backed by the emergency generators – all information technology systems are backed by an uninterruptible power system that was included in the design.

Spaces are designed for flexibility and reconfiguration. Ceiling and flooring patterns help order the center into “rooms within rooms."