South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy Village

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South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy Village

The South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy was organized in 1968 and is the only authorized law enforcement training facility in the state. The Academy trains city and county police officers as well as officers working for the Department of Natural Resources.

The new village complex comprises a 41,000 square foot dormitory building, 14,000 square foot gymnasium building, 8,000 square foot kitchen/cafeteria building, 9,000 square foot classroom and training building and a supporting central energy facility.

All of the buildings are connected via an underground duct system originating in the central energy facility and carries utility services to each of the campus buildings.

Pre-engineered, tension- membrane structures for the gymnasium, kitchen and classroom buildings allow for reduced cost compared to standard construction methods as well as future flexibility in the building function. Membrane structures also permit shortened construction time, while providing a durable envelope.

Interior lighting utilized high efficiency fluorescent lamps as well as occupancy sensors and low voltage lighting controls for multiple lighting levels. The controls also allow each building to be programmed to suit specific activities, resulting in energy savings through reduced lighting used when spaces are unoccupied.

The dormitory building is the first at the Academy to allow trainees to remain on site for the duration of their training and to serve as temporary housing for law enforcement members’ families during emergency mobilizations.

The project was LEED Silver Certified